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Souls Unlimited For Jesus, Inc. -- the ministry of Robert Paul and Debbie Lamb -- was birthed in 1972 following Robert Paul's conversion to Christ in March of that year.  After years of running from God while working in the entertainment field, public relations and newspapers, Robert Paul came to a place of surrendering his life to the call of God.  Having had a childhood of being "sent to church" and an early adult life of pursuing his own confused desires, Robert Paul wanted a "Genuine experience" with Jesus Christ.  That simple, heartfelt genuineness has personally characterized his preaching and writing for more than 39 years.

Thousands of lives in a diversity of nations have been impacted and brought into the Kingdom of God through Robert Paul and Debbie Lamb's unique ministry which is focused in three main areas -- writing & book publishing, the local church and overseas missions.

The name "Souls Unlimited For Jesus" was given to Robert Paul in the summer of 1972 as he prayerfully sought the Lord about leaving secular work and entering full time ministry.  God had opened the barrenness of his life to show that his future was "unlimited" in Him.  That desire to communicate this God without limits -- the "Unlimited One" -- has been the focus and desire of this ministry ever since.

Souls Unlimited For Jesus exists to communicate "Jesus Christ -- the Unlimited One" -- to the whole world!

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